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Updated Oct 13, 2021 | 13:58 IST
extreme food phobia
Charlotte Whittle 

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  • Charlotte Whittle developed fears of any food with a sauce, different foods mixing together and thick liquids, like milkshakes
  • Even food at the wrong temperature or served the ‘wrong’ way turned her stomach
  • She'd have tomato soup, but only in a bowl – not in a mug

A woman who suffers from an extreme food phobia said that she has not eaten a vegetable ever since she was a child. Charlotte Whittle, 34, from North Yorkshire in England, said that just a glimpse of broccoli is enough to make her palms sweat. Charlotte has been living on chicken nuggets and rice cakes for years.,fish catching game

tennis atp,During childhood, Charlotte's parents used to tell her that she'd have to go hungry if she didn't finish her dinner. However, when she tried to eat something she didn't want, she'd vomit at the table. She developed fears of any food with a sauce, different foods mixing together and thick liquids, like milkshakes.

volleyball usa,Her mother Judy thought that she would grow out of her fears and allowed her to eat 'safe' foods that included hotdogs, chicken nuggets or fish fingers.

Charlotte spent her lunch hours at school sobbing as she was told to finish what was on her plate.,bet365 live score cricket

free online texas holdem,When she got a job at 18 and moved away from home, her employer cooked for the workers. Her food choices were a joke with colleagues. She eventually gathered the courage to request to make her own meals.

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fish catching game,Her food phobia has had a huge impact on her social life. She has put dating off the cards as "dates often revolve around food".

tennis classes,She added, "I’d always avoided going to the GP about my eating, but in March I realised things needed to change. I worried about the consequences of my diet beyond the tiredness and low mood I’d already battled."

She recently participated in a TV show called Extreme Food Phobics in which presenter Dr Ranj Singh said I was at risk of scurvy, an extreme vitamin C deficiency that can cause tiredness, bleeding gums and low mood. The show’s clinical psychologist Felix Economakis explained that he thought Charlotte had avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).,casumo jackpot

quiz de soccer,Since her appearance on the show, Charlotte has tried pasta with sauce and grapes. She has also been able to add cereal bars and pizza to her diet.

She now tries to try eating one new thing every couple of weeks. "I’m now eating my first vegetable – sweet potato. My dream is to go for a meal with friends or on a date without worrying about the food. I hope I can get there," she said.,evgeny donskoy

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