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Find the Batting Average of a batsman. Calculate the number of dismissals, equal to matches – notout. Calculate the Batting Average, equal to runs/ (matches – notout).

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Formula – How to calculate Batting Average “ Runs Scored ” – The number of runs scored by the batter. “ Times Out ” – The number of times the batter has been caught out.

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Total number of times Batsman A got out = 200. [ 250 (total number of innings) – 50 (innings in which he remained not out)] The total number of runs scored by the Batsman A is 10,000. Thus, the batting average of Batsman A should be = 10,000/ 200 = 50.

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For batsman, Batting Average is one of the most Important and confusing Calculation. Batting Average is standard measure which is used to compare batsman from one to another on basis of their Performance. In cricket, batting Average are total number of runs made by batsman divided by the number of times he got out in making those runs. Cricket calculations . Formula for Calculating it-Batting Average = Runs Scored / Number of Completed Innings.

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Cricket Batting Average Formula. Batting Average = (Total No. of runs scored by the batsman) / (No. of times he has got a chance to bat in the matches he has played (or) the number of innings played - number of times he has remained not out) Since the number of runs a player scores and how often they get out are primarily measures of their own playing ability, and largely independent of their teammates.

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The Acurate formula of calculate to calculate a batsman’s average is: Runs Scored/no. of times you have got out That means that if get out in the first innings at 10 runs then you remain not out in second innings with 20 runs and then in 3rd innings you get out on 10 runs then your average is Runs scores/No. of times you have got out = 40/2 = 20.

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Similarly in cricket, the average of a batsman is calculated by dividing his total runs by the total number of innings. But, here is the key. If a batsman stays not out in an inning, that inning is not considered in the average calculation even though he came to crease and score few runs. So the equation becomes. Avg= total runs/ total dismissals

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Formula – How to calculate BSR. Batting Strike Rate = (Runs Scored x 100) ÷ Balls Faced. Where: “Runs Scored” is the number of runs scored by the batsman. “Balls Faced” is the number of balls faced by the batsman. Example. If a batter has scored 145 runs and faced 298 balls in that time, then: Strike Rate (Batting) = (145 x 100) ÷ 298