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How Many Quarters Are in a College Basketball Game?

Other basketball leagues typically have four quarters of varying lengths. College basketball has a long and storied history, and the game has been played with a first and second half since the rules became formalized. Each half is 20 minutes long, so non-overtime games have 40 minutes of playing time. While international basketball games last 40 minutes, they are broken down into 10-minute quarters.

How Many Quarters Are There In a Basketball Game?

A college basketball game lasts for 40 minutes, and in traditional basketball games, it uses 2 halves in the four quarters. Every half lasts 20 minutes, and halftime is 15 minutes. The overtime cycle is 5 minutes, but additional time is given until a side is ahead of the other side.

How Long Is a Basketball Game? {NBA NCAA College Game Length}

The college basketball games use two halves instead of 4 quarters like in NBA and high school level games. So the halves time required for a college game is 40 minutes that consists of two halves of 20 minutes each. Halftime in College Basketball Game: Moreover, halftime occurs between 2 halves that last for 15 minutes, similar to NBA-level games. Overtime in College Basketball Game:

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This organization is the major provider of basketball talents for the NBA and other professional basketball leagues abroad. With only two halves and one 15-minute break at halftime, an NCAA basketball game should only last for 55 minutes. However, this is not often the case.

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College basketball games are played with two 20 minute periods, while professional NBA basketball games consist of four quarters of 12 minutes each. For 2D Downloads of this element, upgrade to a Dimensions Pro Membership. Available in DWG (CAD, Imperial & Metric), SVG, JPG formats.

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NCAA men’s basketball games consist of two 20-minute halves, adding up to 40 total minutes of game time. Each overtime period is five minutes long. NCAA women’s college games are played in four 10-minute quarters just like WNBA games are. Both take about two hours from start to finish.

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Taking the foundation of the basketball rules seen in college prior to the birth of the league, the NBA decided that 12 minute quarters was the perfect amount of time for a basketball game to last just over 2 hours. They determined this was the ideal amount of time for a paying spectator to enjoy a professional basketball game.

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Men’s college basketball is timed differently than the NBA and does not have quarters, but halves. Each half lasts 20 minutes each, and the game has a 15-minute halftime. However, because the clock is stopped much more often in a collegiate game, a college basketball game still lasts approximately two hours.